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Shannon Wylie

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been born, and still live, in Vernon BC Canada, where I share a home with my husband and two quirky and very entertaining, mini dachshunds.  Vernon is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, surrounded by lakes, hills, and mountains.  My education in fine arts and graphic design served me well in my 30 year career in the promotional products industry, many years of which included graphic design and screen printing.


Returning to my fine arts roots, I recently discovered soft pastels, which I am combining with my passion for animals to produce custom pet portraits of my clients' beloved family members. My works are a blend of lifelike detail with painterly strokes of color and texture. Each painting is built with multiple layers of color as I strive to capture the essence of each animal and provide a treasured, lasting memory.


In addition to dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, I look forward to painting more people and landscapes in the months to come.  I hope you enjoy viewing my work, and please feel free to contact me.


There is more than meets the eye...


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